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More Washhouse Building Aug 2004

  More Washhouse Building Aug 2004 by admin on Aug.30, 2004, under WashHouse Shade Damage On our next trip, in mid-August, we had a monster dust-devil come through camp about 10 minutes after setting up our shade canopy. It ripped out all the tent stakes and pins that were holding the structure down. Guess we need some bigger ones! The tarp was ripped a bit at a spot which doesn’t really matter, and some of the joints got bent. We straightened things up, and it looks like the shade structure will still work ok.   Ramada Blew Over Door Fixed On our last trip, we installed the door, but were not happy with it, as we had forgotten the level necessary to do a good job. So on this trip (Mid August), I took the door and frame completely off and started over. The door now opens and closes as it should, with no binding or gaps. In addition, I used spray latex foam to seal around the door frame, and added a door sill and doorknob with lock. Finally, I added a weather

Shade Structures

  Shade Structures by admin on Aug.30, 2004, under Shade Structures Shade Structures There are a few basic things you need to be comfortable while building at the ranch. One of the first things you need is some type of shade to seek refuge in. Here is our solution to that problem.   Camp Site Shade Canopy 06/10/2004 We would like to build a permanent shade ramada for picnics and cookouts in the future. With the little house permit in place, we decided that it would be best for now to use a temporary shade structure. Our first attempt did provide shade, but was way too flimsy to stand up to the winds we get up here.   Temporary Shade Canopy Shade Canopy2 This one is a little more sturdy. It is 10′ x 20′ and is 6′-8″ at the sides. The tarp is held in place by elastic cords with little balls on the end to make fastening/unfastening easy. It also came with sides, but we think we will seldom use them. Cost – $180 at Sams Club in Mesa.   Better Shade Canopy Shade

August at the Ranch

  August at the Ranch by admin on Aug.25, 2004, under Seasons August Monsoons Continue The complete month of August usually consists of clear skys in the mornings, clouding in the afternoons, with good chances for rain in the area. It doesn’t always rain exactly where you are, but you can usually see some from where you are. North Wash August 21st, 2004. Afternoon. The north was shows signs of recent water flow, and a growth of nice green vegetation.   North Wash in August Recovering Meadow August 21st, 2004. Afternoon. The meadow is starting to recover from the abuse it took while installing the septic system last spring. It still has a ways to go, but hopefully fall/winter rains will help.   Meadow Recovery Local Visitors August 21st, 2004. Afternoon. On our last two trips up here, we have had the rabbits walking right through camp, and grazing nearby. Once we move, they will let us get about 40 feet away from them before they move a few feet further

Framing the WashHouse

  Framing the WashHouse by admin on Aug.12, 2004, under WashHouse Two Walls Up We started on the east wall. After nailing it together on the floor, we squared it up and attached a temporary cross brace to keep it from racking as we lifted it into place. Then we held it in place with two more temporary supports to the floor platform. The north wall was small enough that it didn’t need the extra supports.   Two Walls Up Framing the Walls Here, Randy builds the last wall on the floor, ready to raise into place.   Framing Walls Framed Here, all four walls are framed. The temporary supports have been removed, and we are ready for the roof. Notice that the shed roof pitch is determined by the extra top plates on the front side. It is a small roof, so doesn’t need a lot of pitch, especially in the relatively warm and dry climate here.   Walls Framed Our First Guest This little guy had taken up residence under our floor while we were gone. When we started hammering e