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January 2016 Visit

  January 2016 Visit by rdpecken on Jan.31, 2016, under Electrical , Security We’re doing some remodeling down in the valley, so I needed to come up and borrow some of my tools that I had stored at the Ranch. Since I was making the trip, I used this time to upgrade one of the security cameras to provide a much more secure system for when motion was detected. With the old camera, I had a hard time distinguishing who had been captured by the camera, because the photos were of such low resolution. The new camera takes much clearer pictures, and when I view them at full resolution, I can zoom in to see minute details. HikVision Security Camera From my previous trip, I remembered that the internet router had at least one bad port on it. I was planning on hooking up this camera directly to the router by cat-5 cable, even though it supported a wifi connection as well. Since the camera operates by Power-Over-Ethernet, I got an power injector off of Amazon to support