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LittleHouse Roof Underlayment

  LittleHouse Roof Underlayment by admin on Jul.01, 2007, under Roofing Bird Boards 30 Jun, 2007. We had a weekend off before we took off for Nebraska to visit friends and relatives there. Where the walls meet the roof, we built and installed bird-boards. These have a couple of 2-inch holes in them, covered with screen. They are to provide ventilation between the roof and the insulation, which will flow in through the bird-boards and out through the ridge vent in the roof. That should help keep the roof from transferring heat to the interior space.   BirdBoards Underlayment 30 Jun 2007. We knew we couldn’t get the metal roofing installed before the monsoon season hit, so we installed the underlayment that came with the roof system as a rain barrier. It is spec’d to last one year while exposed to the sun, and should be OK until we can get back in August to put the metal roofing on.   Installing Underlayment Underlayment 30 Jun 2007. The underlayment is buil