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Screen Door Repair and Other Maintenance

  Screen Door Repair and Other Maintenance by rdpecken on Jan.18, 2017, under Insulation, Plumbing, Ranch Maintenance Sometime last year, the mice or birds chewed a hole through the screen on our screen door. We brought up some new screen and spline from Home Depot to make a repairs. We started by removing the screen door from the frame. This involved adjusting the rollers on the bottom of the door for as little pressure as possible, the prying the door up and over the bumps which the rollers run on. We set the screen onto our floor to work on it. We started by locating the end of the spline, and pulling it out of the channel to release the screen material.   Removing the Spline Then, we laid the new screen over the door, as square as we could get it, and started pressing the new spline into the channel to secure the screen material to the door, using a roller spline tool.    Installing the new screen material After trimming the screen around the edges, we reins

Gas Lines for the LittleHouse

  Gas Lines for the LittleHouse by rdpecken on Jan.18, 2017, under Gas Appliances We came up in late October to run some propane lines into the LittleHouse.  These are to feed a wall-mounted, direct-vent propane heater,  gas water heater, oven/stove, and possibly refrigerator. The house heater will be mounted on the North wall, near the northwest corner of the house. We hope to have solar radiant heating run under the floor throughout the house, but the propane will be our backup heating system. The other appliances are all located in the kitchen area, along the north wall of the kitchen. We started out by installing a manifold in the Northeast corner or the house.  There are two 6″ black pipe nipples installed on the back, along with two plugs on the unused ports on the back, and one plug on the unused port on the side. We also installed a gas valve at the inlet to the manifold. This is where the propane tank will tie in.  From there, we have one line run to