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  Archive for October, 2008 October, 2008 Trip by admin on Oct.31, 2008, under Trim & Paint 30 Oct 2008 I (Randy) made it up in mid-october for more trim work. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring the camera, so pictures will have to wait until we return, probably next spring. The weather was great, so I got a lot done.  We had gotten an early hard freeze in October, and I hadn’t winterized the shed water system yet.  There is no evidence of broken pipes, but something happened to the seals in the shower valve.  When I apply pressure, the shower dribbles even when it’s valve is turned off.  I'll have to bring some replacement parts up for the next trip. I was able to finish the trim on the west end, including the “ugly” gable end.  It looks good now.  The north side is also trimmed out, and looks pretty good, too. Our good neighbors up the hill, Wayne & Lisa, offered to let us use a couple pieces of trim they had left over, so I was able to save a