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Stairs for the Littlehouse Porch

  Stairs for the Littlehouse Porch by rdpecken on Oct.15, 2012, under Uncategorized Well, there’s not much to show for progress over the past several months.  With all of the travel and family responsibilities lately, we did not get back up to the ranch during July, August or September. We finally made it up there over October Break period. But even this was a shortened trip.  We got the main part of the stairs to the front porch built  We still need to complete the railings and the rest of the porch railings and posts. Porch Stairs Started Because we had some things to accomplish in the Valley, we did not make it up to the Ranch until 5:00pm on Monday. We spent the rest of the daylight hours setting up camp. The next morning, we got up and had breakfast, then started on the stringer design.  Our neighbors from up the road stopped by on their way out, and we visited for a while. The stringer design was very difficult for me.  I’m just not very good at visualizi