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Shed Painting

  Shed Painting by rdpecken on May.19, 2014, under Ranch Maintenance While it has been a while since we have painted the LittleHouse, we painted the Shed for the first time, on this trip. In the image above you will see the front of shed painted. The shed looked pretty deteriorated when we started. There was some trim that we put on one corner years ago, because we had some leftover pieces from doing the LittleHouse. The shed was built in 2004, so it has been sitting there for about 10 years with only the primer that came on the T-11 siding, and some other primer we put on some trim years ago. Shed West side at start     South Side at Start   Shed East Side at Start    When we were finished, it looked much better. We added trim on the other three corners and painted everything. The Door will still need some work down the road. We’ll probably replace it with a steel door at some point, as the west exposure just kills it.   Shed West side finished     Shed East S

Spring Maintenance

  Spring Maintenance by rdpecken on May.19, 2014, under Ranch Maintenance Tara and I decided to run up to the Ranch last weekend to do a little spring maintenance. It hardly seems fair that we have to repaint/do touchups when we are still working at building the place! Anyway, the paint on the front door trim never did stick too well, and had been peeling pretty good. I blame it on poor quality primer that came with the trim, because that is the part that was peeling. We have had no other peeling on the rest of the house trim, only that door. We started by scraping off all of the loose paint chips from the trim. Tara scraping off the old paint on the front door. It was a pretty messy job. Paint scrapings Once that part was done, we taped it off and put on a new coat or two of Home Depot Winter Sage (same as the rest of the trim), using Behr Marquee paint. It looked much better when we were done. Door Trim repainted