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LittleHouse – Breaking Ground

  LittleHouse – Breaking Ground by admin on Oct.12, 2004, under Foundation Breaking Ground 10/05/2004 Well, it’s getting pretty close to our six-month progress inspection. So we decided to take a break from building the wash house and make a start on the Little House. Here, I am digging the pier holes with a one-man auger we rented from United Rental in Prescott. We picked up the auger on Thursday on the way up from Mesa, and returned it on Friday morning. That really cut into the time we had to work.   Digging Piers Digging Pier Holes 10/05/2004 We figure that if we have the piers in by the inspection date in December, that we will have shown “significant progress” that the county is looking for. We need to dig a total of 24 piers. We need 12 for the 14′ x 24′ cabin structure. In addition we decided to use 12 for the 8′ x 24′ attached porch. We could have gotten by with only 6 for the porch, and supported it by the ledger, but we felt it would be better,