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LittleHouse – Framing from the inside

  LittleHouse – Framing from the inside by admin on Mar.17, 2007, under Framing Kitchen 11 March, 2007. This is where the kitchen will go, with the sink just below the window. It will be an L-shaped kitchen, to allow openness between the cooking area and the living area.   Kitchen Living Room 11 March 2007. The shared Kitchen (on the right) and the Living room (on the left) are against the west wall. That’s a great view, but we like the trees better, so we only have a small window in this wall.   Living Room 11 March 2007. The other wall of the living room has this 48″ window for good ventilation, and nice views to the south. Directly on the other side of this will will be the 8′ wide porch running the entire 24′ length of the little house.   Living Room Window East Wall 11 March, 2007. View from outside, looking at the east wall. The window is for the bedroom.   East Wall West Wall 11 March 2007. The west wall from the outside. The built-up beams that we i

LittleHouse – Framing the Walls

  LittleHouse – Framing the Walls by admin on Mar.17, 2007, under Framing Wall Framing 09 March, 2007. Just as we had done with the shed, we pre-cut the majority of the lumber for the walls in Mesa. This allows us the use of power tools and makes the construction at the remote site much faster. You just have to make good cut lists and double-check everything. Even with the extra care, we made a couple of mistakes, but nothing we couldn’t fix on-site.   Precut Wall First Wall 10 March 2007. The first wall went up pretty quick in the Northwest corner of the house. Most of the segments were built to 8 foot widths, as we wern’t sure if we would have much help available to lift them. As it turns out, our daughter Sarah, and her family came along and were a big help. The window is 36″x36″ above the Kitchen sink space.   First Wall We used a 2×4 to brace it while we continued working. Fifth Wall 11 March, 2007. The fifth wall is on the far right, in the Northeast