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LittleHouse – Sheathing & Interior Framing

  LittleHouse – Sheathing & Interior Framing by admin on Apr.30, 2007, under Framing Sheathing 25 April, 2007. We arrived on Saturday for a week of work on the little house. Our goal was to get the sheathing done. We had 3 days of cold weather, windy and sleeting. The the sky cleared on Tuesday. This is where we were by Wednesday.   Sheathed LittleHouse North Wall 26 April 2007. We cut out the back door only. This allowed us access to work inside, but will allow us to close it up easily when we leave.   Back Side Sheathing Finished Sheathing 26 April 2007. We finished sheathing on Friday. Now it just looks like a big box, as all the windows and doors are covered.   Big Box Littlehouse North Wall 26 April, 2007. Another view of the north wall. We hope to have a deck in the back at some point. With the porch on the front and a deck behind, that gives us a good choice of microclimates.   Finished Sheathing Sheathing 25 April, 2007. It was a two person eff

More April at the Ranch

  More April at the Ranch by admin on Apr.27, 2007, under Seasons Big White Flowers April, 2005. These were all over, too…   White Flowers CloseUp April, 2005. Here’s a closer view…   Closeup White Flowers Small Succulent April, 2005 Tara thought these were pretty.   Small Succulant CloseUp April, 2005. This is a CloseUp of the Succulent   Succulant Closeup Bug April 28, 2007. This is a bug that landed on my hat. I don’t know what it is, but it looks kind of like a small mantis…   Weird Bug Rattlesnake April 27, 2007. I definitely know what kind of snake this is. He is about a 3-foot rattler. He came by the little house site to protest all of the noise we were making.   Rattlesnake near the Littlehouse Here is a video in MPG format. It's hard to see the snake, but if you turn the sound up, you can clearly hear him. He is in the shady spot just to the right and down a little from the center of the picture.