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Bold Elk Pays a Visit

  Bold Elk Pays a Visit by rdpecken on Sep.21, 2016, under Seasons This Elk seemed a little curious about the whole “cabin in the middle of the wilderness” thing…

My New (Old) Tractor

  My New (Old) Tractor by rdpecken on Sep.01, 2016, under Ranch Maintenance While visiting relatives in Arkansas this summer, My brother Roger offered a deal I couldn’t refuse on a 1973 Ford 2000 tractor. This is a small tractor useful for light grading, pulling, chopping weeds, etc. After returning to Arizona, I prepared my trailer for the long round trip to Arkansas and back, and set off to pick up my new prize.   The tractor is in reasonable shape.  It has a few leaks, and a few cosmetic defects.  It could use a new seat and steering wheel, and will eventually need a new clutch.  While the clutch is a major job, the symptoms at this point are not too bad.  It just has a lot of play in the action, and engages only about an inch from the top of the clutch release.  I quickly learned to adapt to these conditions. Here are some pictures from the walkaround that Roger and I did.   He also included a very old blade with a 3-point attachment for the back.  While it