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February Ranch Life

  February Ranch Life by admin on Feb.20, 2007, under Seasons February, 2007. Here is the Big House Site in Mid February. Things are still kind of dead at this time of year…   Big House Site in February February, 2007. Looking South across the meadow.   South Meadow in February February, 2007. Looking West down the lane.   Looking Down the lane in February

LittleHouse – Laying the Subfloor

  LittleHouse – Laying the Subfloor by admin on Feb.20, 2007, under Framing Subfloor 18 February, 2007. We laid the plywood down, starting with the front edge, and going across in 4 rows. The joists were really square, so the edges lined up nicely.   Subfloor 18 Feb 2007. The subfloor is 3/4″ tongue & groove 4×8 sheets. Each was glued to the joists with Liquid Nail Subfloor glue, then nailed down with 8d nails.   Subfloor Long side 18 Feb 2007. Tara checked the level across the floor and was amazed to find that it was indeed level. The ground slopes quite a bit, so it gives the illusion of running downhill.   Subfloor Overview A Little Short 18 February, 2007. We were dismayed to discover that with our last half sheet row of plywood, we were a little short on the back side. We didn’t figure that 4×8 sheets were actually a little less than 4′ wide, when you slid the tongue into the groove. You lose about a half inch on each joint. We could have made this

LittleHouse – Building the Floor

  LittleHouse – Building the Floor by admin on Feb.20, 2007, under Framing Floor Joists 18 February, 2007. With a crazy work schedule, it’s been difficult to find time to get up to the Ranch. We bought some lumber in town, and precut it to length for the floor joists. First, we went to each pier and checked/corrected any level problems, and placed the rest of the bolts in place. The we started on the joists.   Floor Joists 18 February, 2007. I had made the beams an extra six inches long, just in case they weren’t totally square with each other. We measured 3 inches in on the West side, and placed the first joist there. Then we measured over 24 feet on each beam and placed the last joist there. A quick check of the diagonals and some math determined that we were square. We then measured over 16″ from the outside edge of the first joist and every 16″ thereafter. A mark at each spot showed us where the center of each joist went. The Rim joists on the long sides a