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More Water Line Installation

  More Water Line Installation by admin on Jun.20, 2006, under Water System Final Fitting 17 June 2006. As you can see, prefitting everything didn’t work out all that well. I had to refit several connections, due to my inability to line up the trencher as well as I should have. It all worked out, but took longer than expected. Here, I had to use a shovel to widen the trench to accommodate a little different angle than I had planned for.   A little Off Final Fitting 17 June 2006. Next, I continued with the run to the wash house to the left. Nothing too difficult at this point.   Fixing It Final Fitting 17 June 2006. Again, I had to widen the trench in a few places to account for different angles. I was digging there anyway, due to a root that was in the way.   Fine Tuning the Trench Final Fitting 17 June 2006. At this point, about 15 feet from the wash house, I needed to start getting ready to go back to town. This was late Sunday afternoon, and I needed to

Water Line Installation – Con’t

  Water Line Installation – Con’t by admin on Jun.20, 2006, under Water System Digging Dirt – Again 16 June 2006. As mentioned, digging was a little harder than I expected. Each time I hit a sizable rock, I had to stop the machine and clear it by hand. The ditch is generally 12″ to 18″ below grade, which should be enough to keep us from freezing.   Trenching near Tank Digging Dirt – Again 16 June 2006. There were a few spots in which tree roots prevented digging with the trencher. These had to be cut out by hand, with an axe, pick and shovel. The entire length of the trench had to be cleaned by hand, as much of the loose dirt/rocks simply fell to the bottom, rather than being ejected out the side. I was still able to keep this portion in the 12″ to 18″ depth.   Trenching to the WashHouse Digging Dirt – Again 16 June 2006. This area actually runs directly through a path under some trees. Surprisingly, roots and rocks were not much of a problem here. This was

Water Line installation

  Water Line installation by admin on Jun.20, 2006, under Water System Water Lines 16 June 2006. The next task is to run the water lines from the water tank to the little house site and the wash house site. I stopped in Prescott and picked up this trencher from United Rental.   Trencher Water Lines 16 June 2006. The trencher is a walk-behind model similar to the one we rented a couple years ago for the sewer lines. I found this one to be a little harder to control, due to it’s steering mechanism – the rear wheels turn. It is easier to run while backing up, but difficult to line up for your trench line while going forward. The Blue handle locks or unlocks the rear wheels together. It is easier to go straight when the wheels are locked. The Green handle raises and lowers the blade. The big Orange handle is for steering. It also acts as a dead man’s switch, killing the engine, if you let go. That was kind of a pain… The little orange handle engages the chain so