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TV Antenna Cable Install

  TV Antenna Cable Install by rdpecken on Jul.08, 2020, under Communications For the past few years, we have had an external beam TV antenna mounted on a post outside of the cabin. Pointed at Kingman, roughly 60 miles away, we receive most of the TV channels available from there. Prior to this, we had DirecTV installed, but gave that up as we recognized that we really didn’t watch many of the channels that were on there. Each trip to the Ranch would find us crawling on our backs, poking the antenna cable up through a small hole in the floor. Then when we left for the Valley, we again had to crawl under the cabin to remove the cable. If we left the cable laying on the ground, it would have been susceptible to cattle stepping on it, and rodents chewing on it. So on the last trip up in June, we installed some underground PVC conduit from the antenna location to the LittleHouse. After running some RG-6 cable through the conduit, we terminated both ends with Type-F