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Getting There…

  Getting There… by admin on Jul.31, 2003, under Directions The property is about 15 miles west of Seligman, which is about halfway between Flagstaff and Kingman, Arizona. It is approximately 45 miles SouthEast of the Havasupi Falls of the Grand Canyon. The nearest town is Seligman, Arizona.   Overview Map The Juniper Valley Ranch is located about 15 miles west of Seligman, Arizona, about 4 miles north of Interstate 40.   A closer look The Ranch is most easily accessed via exit 109 on Interstate 40.   Even Closer... Exit 109 from the westbound lane of I-40 (Anvil Rock Road).   Exit 109 Here is what it looks like at the top of the exit. We turn south (left) here, passing over the interstate.   Top of Exit 109 This is the view as we head south over the interstate. Continue to the Tee in the road, just a little further.   Overpass At the tee, we turn back west (right), and parallel the interstate for a couple of miles.   Anvil Rock Road Here is what the county road looks l

More July at the Ranch

More July at the Ranch by admin on Jul.30, 2003, under Seasons The Meadow July 27th, 2003. Early Evening. A view to the north from the East end of the Ranch. The meadow is fairly healthy at this time of year.   Meadow from South side of Valley Meadow Closeup July 27th, 2003. Early Evening. Looking across the meadow to the hill on the north side of the property.   East end of valley View from S. Mountain July 27th, 2003. Early Evening. Looking north from the top of the South Mountain, across the meadow.