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May 2018 Visit

  May 2018 Visit by rdpecken on Oct.26, 2018, under Area With about a 2-hour drive from our Ranch, there is a beautiful place to visit. The Havasupai Indian Reservation is north of Peach Springs. With a bit of hiking, you are immersed into a Sangri-La atmosphere of blue waters and 200 foot waterfalls.  It is well worth the trip, if you are up to it. The only way in and out is to hike 11 miles each way, or take a helicopter. In early May, Tara, Jessica and I went up to hike to Havasu Falls. We spent 3 days hiking in, around and out of the area at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. It is an amazing trip, and was well worth the effort to get there.    Ready to go down On the way down, we followed along the bottom of Havasu Canyon. It is a beautiful walk.   Tara & Jessica     Shady Spot     Cottonwood Tree   At about 6 miles in, we came across Havasu Creek. Beautiful blue water.   Havasu Creek We stayed in the lodge (hotel) at the bottom in the village of Supai. Fro

Tractor Maintenance

  Tractor Maintenance by rdpecken on May.09, 2018, under Ranch Maintenance Last fall, I went to Tractor Supply and got some oil to change into the Ford tractor. After making the trip up to the Ranch, I found that the tools I brought with me were not able to get a good enough bite on the oil drain plug to remove it. I tried borrowing a different socket from our neighbor up the hill, but that one didn’t work, either. So I ended up making a second trip a couple of weeks later, this time bringing my impact wrench and a good 6-sided socket. That did the trick, and I was able to complete the work. Here is the oil filter on the side of the tractor…    Oil Filter on the Ford 2000 I bought a replacement cartridge. So, I had to remove the outside case, replace the rubber gasket, and replace the cartridge inside. It was a little tricky getting it back mounted without the gasket slipping out of place, but I eventually got it. For the next time I change the oil, I have bou