Tractor Maintenance


Tractor Maintenance

by rdpecken on May.09, 2018, under Ranch Maintenance

Last fall, I went to Tractor Supply and got some oil to change into the Ford tractor. After making the trip up to the Ranch, I found that the tools I brought with me were not able to get a good enough bite on the oil drain plug to remove it. I tried borrowing a different socket from our neighbor up the hill, but that one didn’t work, either. So I ended up making a second trip a couple of weeks later, this time bringing my impact wrench and a good 6-sided socket. That did the trick, and I was able to complete the work.

Here is the oil filter on the side of the tractor…

 Oil Filter on the Ford 2000

I bought a replacement cartridge. So, I had to remove the outside case, replace the rubber gasket, and replace the cartridge inside. It was a little tricky getting it back mounted without the gasket slipping out of place, but I eventually got it. For the next time I change the oil, I have bought a kit that adapts the normal spin-on type filter to the tractor, so that should make it easier after that.

I didn’t bring an oil drain pan up for the work, so I improvised with a garbage sack and a bucket. It worked.

 Drain Pan improvisation

And here is the oil that I used…

 Rotella Oil

I also topped off the hydraulic fluid on that trip.

This spring, I was up doing some other work, and discovered that the damn pack rats had eaten the insulation off my battery cable again! If I had left the negative lead connected, it could have started a fire. I found this earlier, and had cleared out their nest and wrapped the bare spots with tape for a temporary fix, but they returned for a second try. Not only this, but they also ate my entire upper radiator hose! Time for some drastic measures, I think…

 Rat Damage!

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