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January Ranch Visit

  January Ranch Visit by rdpecken on Feb.07, 2011, under Communications Well, after 8 years, I can now say that I have visited the Ranch at least once in every month of the year.  My good friend John and his son Dan were traveling to California, and we decided to all meet up at the Ranch for a weekend, as they passed through. When I arrived on Friday afternoon, the first thing I noticed was that my wire Ham Radio antenna had broken. The rope holding one end to the pole had disintegrated from the sunlight. Note to self: do not use the blue/white rope for outdoor long term use.  The plain white poly rope lasts much longer.  The Blue/White rope lasted about 1-1/2 years.  The White Poly rope looks like it will still be good for a couple more years. So after getting settled in on Friday, we awoke on Saturday to fix the antenna.  First, we lowered the pole from which the rope had broken. Tilt-Over Antenna Mast We tied some new rope (clothes-line, I didn’t have any