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LittleHouse – Roof Sheathing

  LittleHouse – Roof Sheathing by admin on Jun.17, 2007, under Roofing Safety Line 16 Jun, 2007. We hooked up a safety line and tied it off to the Jeep. Then we threw it over the roof, so Randy could tie off while working up there.   Safety Line Next Row 16 Jun 2007. We spent the morning hauling the sheathing up and nailing it wherever we could from inside the house. Then we finally had to climb up on the outside and nail it down properly.    Roof Jacks Way Up There 16 Jun 2007. Well, it wasn’t that bad working up there. I’ve kinda gotten used to heights in my lifetime. Still it is good to have a safety line to tie off to. The roof jacks came in really handy, but they were a pain to move around. I think I’ll buy some more before I put the roofing felt on.  Nailing the Roof Sheathing    Finished Sheathing 16 Jun, 2007. View of the front roof. We’ve already ordered the metal roofing from absolutesteel in Guadalupe Arizona. They have placed an order from the