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September 2008 at the Ranch

  September 2008 at the Ranch by admin on Sep.02, 2008, under Seasons 31 Aug 2008 Raining Again It was raining again when we arrived for this trip.  At least we didn’t get stuck this time.   Raining again 31 Aug 2008  Playing in the Rain A big old Juniper had blown down in the meadow since our last visit.  The boys are going over to investigate.   Boys heading for a blown down tree   31 Aug 2008 Blown Down Juniper Hunter approaches the blown over tree.  You can see it was pretty big.  Must have been quite a wind to blow it over.   Hunter near blown over tree 31 Aug 2008 Alex playing on the downed tree Practicing his balance skills.   Alex in cool Tree Fort 31 Aug 2008 Alex and Nana playing Nana got in on the action too.  It was raining out, and she had to protect her hair, though.   Nana and Alex playing in the rain 31 Aug 2008 Hunter Playing Hunter is making mud shakes in a water bottle.  Why?  I don’t know…  The boys collected a whole bunch of bugs this we

LittleHouse – More Exterior Trim

  LittleHouse – More Exterior Trim by admin on Sep.02, 2008, under Trim & Paint 31 Aug 2008 Exterior Trim We made it back up over Labor Day. It was raining again when we arrived, so the first day was pretty much shot for working. We played with the Grandkids, instead. The sun came out the next day, and we started the trim on the West side of the house. We have two vertical pieces, and one horizontal piece over the butt joint where the two pieces of siding adjoin from the bottom and top. For that joint, we looked for Z-channel to slip in between them for weatherproofing. The only stuff we found was for thicker siding, and wouldn't fit right for ours. So we used 30 year sealant at that joint, which is pretty good stuff. We had to take some off around the French Doors when we were re-doing the flashing, and it was stuck very well. Anyway, we covered that joint with a horizontal trim piece, more for looks than anything. The top of this trim piece was also