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Washhouse Shower Head Installation

  Washhouse Shower Head Installation by admin on Oct.15, 2005, under WashHouse October, 2005. This trip was to install the plumbing. We ran into several problems with this, which we will detail later. Here, we had to insure that the shower control valve was located precisely where it belonged. So we measured twice, and drilled a recess for the control valve body. The walls to the Wash house are only 4″ thick, so by the time you add the 1-1/2 inch support board, that doesn’t leave much room for the valve.   Shower Valve Location Valve Location It ended up off-center between the studs, but was centered in the shower stall itself. For future reference, we want to make sure that there are no studs in the way of where the valve will be in the little house. We just got lucky this time.   Valve Location Plumbing October, 2005. When working with copper pipe, it is important to clean the joints well before soldering. I use steel wool to polish the connections before