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Remote Monitoring of Solar Charger

  Remote Monitoring of Solar Charger by rdpecken on Sep.25, 2014, under Electrical Over the labor day weekend, I installed a new add-on for my solar power charge controller. It is called a Whizbang Jr. Basically, this allows the charge controller to measure the actual current directly into and out of the battery bank , without worrying about what loads I might have turned on at any point in time. This allows the charge controller to make better decisions on when to stop charging on any given day, putting less strain on the batteries. It also will allow me to more effectively monitor the actual state of charge of the batteries, rather than guessing based on battery voltage. But that part hasn’t been added to the software, yet. I haven’t grabbed any photos of my install yet, but here is a generic one that I’ve borrowed from the manufacturer… Whizbang Jr. I also did some work to allow me to remotely monitor the charge controller operation. This way, I can bring up a di

Labor Day 2014 at the Ranch

  Labor Day 2014 at the Ranch by rdpecken on Sep.24, 2014, under Seasons Our trip up for Labor Day this year was mostly to do some more cleanup behind the LittleHouse. We ran into a few critters under the debris. One of them was a nice tarantula. He was friendly, and posed no harm. Taurantula Crawling on Ground       Crawling on hands      Back on the ground And for the movie…