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Winterizing 2013

  Winterizing 2013 by rdpecken on Oct.30, 2013, under porch, Security, Trim & Paint Wow, time went fast this year. We didn’t get up to the Ranch nearly as often as I would have liked. With October coming to an end, it is past time to go up and winterize. I got a late start on Saturday, and started work in earnest on Sunday. To start off, I wanted to take take some readings on the batteries for the solar install. Since the hydrometer that I bought on the last trip was broken when I opened it, I stopped by a Checker Auto and picked up another. I let the batteries charge until they reached the float stage, then let them sit there in float for 1 hour. Then I let the batteries rest for 1 hour with no charging and no load. The hydrometer showed all cells (3 in each battery) fully charged. So I have a good baseline reading. In the future, as I make the reads again, I will have something to compare against. The hydrometer was kind of hard to read, but the line in