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September 2006 at the Ranch

  September 2006 at the Ranch by admin on Sep.25, 2006, under Seasons “Our” Cows September 24th, 2006. Morning. Some of the cows came to visit today, and I happened to have the camera ready, so here they are… They need to work harder at keeping the meadow mowed, though.   Cows in the Meadow Close up Cows September 24th 2006. Morning. Here is a little closer shot.   Close-up of Cows in Meadow Little House Site September 24th, 2006. Morning. Here is a recent shot of our little house site. You can see our relatively new water tank installed. Next step is framing the little house, finally!   LittleHouse Site

Winterizing the Water Lines

  Winterizing the Water Lines by admin on Sep.25, 2006, under Water System Thermometer 23 Sep 2006. OK, we actually made it back on schedule! I had wrapped the connection in duct tape to protect it from the sun, in case we didn’t make it back for a long time. Here, we took a cheap indor/outdoor thermometer and connected the outdoor sensor directly to the pipe, so we can keep track of the temperature of the water at that point. It has the indoor and outdoor reads, and more importantly, has the minimum and maximum reads since the last time it was reset. So when we visit, we can check to see how cold the water got since last time we were up. That might give us a heads-up that we might need more insulation if the reads go too low. Pay no attention to the reads in the picture, I haven’t peeled off the plastic demo tape yet!   Thermometer for Monitoring Hi/Low Temps Foil Insulation 23 Sep 2006. Here, we have begun to wrap the pipe in foil covered insulation typical

Water Line Installation Again…

  Water Line Installation Again… by admin on Sep.10, 2006, under Water System Back at It… 09 Sep 2006. Well, this sure took some time…I was sent on several business trips over July and August, as well as a personal trip to Colorado in July, so we didn’t make it back up until September! We finished digging through the rocks (using a pick and shovel) for the last 15 feet to the wash house. After placing the rest of the pipe and gluing it up, we covered it back up with dirt.   Line to Shed Wash House Access 09 Sep 2006. We terminated the 2″ schedule 40 pipe with a threaded 1″ connector and a 1″ ball valve. By using 2″ for the very long run, we have plenty of water available at the wash house. The black hose is a short washer hookup type. We will replace that with a longer (6′) buried hose to the wash house inlet pipe. The hose allows us to easily disconnect from the wash house and drain the pipe from the tank.   Shutoff Valve at WashHouse Tank Connection 09 S