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October Break

  October Break by rdpecken on Oct.20, 2014, under Family We had Sarah’s family come up for the weekend at October Break. The two older grandsons came up with me on Wednesday, and the rest came up on Friday. The boy’s job for this trip was to gather the waste lumber that was stashed in the loft and under the shed, cut it up and burn it. Fire and teenagers… what could go wrong?? Hunter and Alex tending the fire       Zoning out… As they were unloading the woodpiles, they ran across a weird albino-like stick bug. Albino Stick Bug There were quite a few exposed hazards in the cabin since we haven’t yet installed drywall. So the boys thought up the idea to use some cardboard we had laying around to act as a barrier to some of the hazardous stuff for Brody. Cardboard Crew   The kids went up to Markham Well to look at the fish in the water tank… Alex, Brody, Angelina, Hunter at Markham Well Brody seemed to enjoy his first visit…   Get me outta here!     Look. I found a

Paint Colors

  Paint Colors by rdpecken on Oct.20, 2014, under Trim & Paint We did a little painting this past year, using the same colors that we had used on the house to paint the shed. On this last trip, I ran across the paint cards that identify the colors. I thought I might post them here, so that we can look up what the colors were even if we end up losing the cards. The Brown color is Behr 230F-6 (Earth Tone). Brown Paint Color The Green color is Behr 440F-5 (Winter Hedge).   Green Color