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April at the Ranch

  April at the Ranch by admin on Apr.30, 2005, under Seasons April Cold nights and Variable Days With an average low of around 30 degrees and an average high around 70 degrees, April is still a little nippy at night… Carpet of Green April, 2005 We have received over 30 inches of rain in the last year, and 25 inches of snow. The meadow is showing the payoff in the carpet of green grass growing.   Green Meadow Good Grazing April, 2005. The cattle have been keeping the vegetation mowed pretty well. We don’t expect the green to last more than another month, but it is nice to have it right now.   More green meadow Nearby Pond April, 2005. Someone put a pond in a little ways south of us. We hiked over to have a look. It looks like it was pretty full, but has probably soaked in, as the soil isn’t very dense there.   Pond over on State Land Black Mountain April, 2005. Another rainstorm moving in.   Black Mountain Rainstorm Little Yellow Flowers April, 2005 Thes