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Building Porch Railings

  Building Porch Railings by rdpecken on Mar.18, 2012, under porch Over Spring Break this year, Tara & I headed up to build the porch railings on our front porch. Here is how we did it… Porch Railings We started with mostly 2×4’s, as the 2×2’s that were available were all very warped and crooked. We figured we could cut down the straight 2×4’s to create our 2×2 railings. 2x4 stock The first step was to cut the 12′ boards into 4 3′ boards, using our cutoff saw… Cutoff Saw     2x4's cut to 36" lengths Next, we spit each of these into two 2×2 pieces… Splitting 2x4's into 2x2's Next, we glued and screwed the 2×2 balusters into 1×2 tops and bottoms to create panels. Baluster sections A set of 2×4’s were attached to the house and vertical posts to serve as support and top banisters. The baluster sections were then screwed and glued between the top and bottom 2×4’s to create a railing section. Railings in place The end result turned out pretty nice… Por