Building Porch Railings


Building Porch Railings

by rdpecken on Mar.18, 2012, under porch

Over Spring Break this year, Tara & I headed up to build the porch railings on our front porch. Here is how we did it…

Porch Railings

We started with mostly 2×4’s, as the 2×2’s that were available were all very warped and crooked. We figured we could cut down the straight 2×4’s to create our 2×2 railings.

2x4 stock

The first step was to cut the 12′ boards into 4 3′ boards, using our cutoff saw…

Cutoff Saw 
 2x4's cut to 36" lengths

Next, we spit each of these into two 2×2 pieces…

Splitting 2x4's into 2x2's

Next, we glued and screwed the 2×2 balusters into 1×2 tops and bottoms to create panels.

Baluster sections

A set of 2×4’s were attached to the house and vertical posts to serve as support and top banisters. The baluster sections were then screwed and glued between the top and bottom 2×4’s to create a railing section.

Railings in place

The end result turned out pretty nice…

Porch Railings

The plan is to prime and paint them the house trim color (green).

Front view

3 comments for this entry (from previous blog site):
  1. Steve

    Way to go Randy! That looks great! sls

  2. WB0WHO

    Wow….That looks great! Makes the place look larger!

  3. Bo Fuller

    Nice job on the porch railings. We just got a load of logs this past week. We hope to have the first floor done this summer.


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