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LittleHouse – Finishing the Piers

  LittleHouse – Finishing the Piers by admin on Jul.30, 2005, under Foundation Finished Piers 29 July 2005. After a series of road trips (vacations, business trips) we returned to the ranch at the end of July to finish up the piers. The pier process has been pretty well documented, so we won’t add too many pictures here. He is how we cut the pier forms to length after setting them in the soil. We used a small jig saw and ran it off of a 300 watt inverter we have in the tent trailer. This worked really well, and didn’t run down the battery too bad. We now have all 24 piers complete (12 for the house and 12 for the porch). We will be happy to work with something other than dirt and cement for awhile!   Finishing the Piers