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Little House Preview

  Little House Preview by admin on Apr.24, 2004, under Planning Living Room 04/24/2004 Some type of storage/entertainment center will go on the west wall. Notice the small windows everywhere but south. The hope is to keep the place from heating up too much from the summer sun.   West Wall with Storage Preview Kitchen 04/24/2004 Just the basics… Refrigerator, Stove/Oven, Sink. Probably a microwave, too.   Kitchen Preview The original sample plans from 04/24/2004   Countryplans Website      LittleHouse Cottage Plan Modified Plan 04/24/2004 Same size, but moved around some. Haven’t figured out how to keep the furniture from appearing in the blueprint yet. Plan software is Punch! Master Landscape and Home Design. I actually imported the aerial view into the program, then dropped the trees from the landscape program into the plan. The I added photos, such that when you look out the windows, the actual background shows up.   Modified Plan   

Little House Planning

  Little House Planning by admin on Apr.24, 2004, under Planning Little House We are planning on building two separate houses at Juniper Valley Ranch over the next 10 years. Our hope is to complete the first “LittleHouse” within two years, and use that as a vacation cabin/base while we build the infrastructure for the rest of the ranch. House Site 04/24/2004 We picked a location near the eastern edge of the property on the north side of the meadow for the house locations. The house sites are sheltered on the west, north, and east by trees. The hill on the north also protects from strong winter winds. There is a very nice view of the Black Mountain to the east, as well as our little South Mountain across the meadow.   Little House Site Little House 04/24/2004 Little House will closely follow plans ordered from a very nice website: . Plans are not final yet, but it will look something like this. The size is 14 x 24 feet. It is pretty much a

Finishing up the Septic Tank Install

  Finishing up the Septic Tank Install by admin on Apr.15, 2004, under Septic System Yavapai County provides a checklist of things they look for on final inspection…   Yavapai County Septic Requirements And then we had to pay for it.  Total Cost: $5093.11 including taxes and fees.   Septic Installation Bill The Inlet Backhoe Doug left the inlet uncovered to make it easier to connect to this summer.   Septic Tank Inlet The Leech Field All covered up, with inspection hole.   Leech Field all covered up The Tank Here the tank is all covered up, with cleanout on right, and filter access on left.   Septic Tank covered up

Septic System Installation

  Septic System Installation by admin on Apr.14, 2004, under Septic System Septic System   Backhoe Ready to Work Septic System Installation 27 – 28 March, 2004 After consulting with the county permit people, we determined that we needed to install a septic system as a precursor to any other kind of construction on the ranch. This page documents the installation of that septic system. The process began on 25 February, 2004, when we wrote to the county zoning people to inquire about our revised general plan… Here is the note that we sent to the county: I’m thinking of the following plan for development of our home site. 1.) Obtain a septic permit. 2.) Install septic system. 3.) Obtain a temporary dwelling permit for out travel trailer. (Can this come before the septic, with trips to town to empty the holding tanks?) 4.) Obtain a zoning clearance for a site-built home, with accessory structures (Can they be constructed in concert with the primary dwelling?). 5.