Septic System Installation


Septic System Installation

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Septic System

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Septic System Installation 27 – 28 March, 2004

After consulting with the county permit people, we determined that we needed to install a septic system as a precursor to any other kind of construction on the ranch. This page documents the installation of that septic system.

The process began on 25 February, 2004, when we wrote to the county zoning people to inquire about our revised general plan…

Here is the note that we sent to the county:

I’m thinking of the following plan for development of our home site.1.) Obtain a septic permit.
2.) Install septic system.
3.) Obtain a temporary dwelling permit for out travel trailer. (Can this come before the septic, with trips to town to empty the holding tanks?)
4.) Obtain a zoning clearance for a site-built home, with accessory structures (Can they be constructed in concert with the primary dwelling?).
5.) Construct the primary dwelling and accessory structures concurrently.
Does this sound like a reasonable plan?

Can you tell me what defines a “primary dwelling” in the rural areas of the county? Would a small structure (say 14 feet x 20 feet)site-built on a permanent foundation be considered a primary dwelling (assuming it included a bathroom, sleeping and cooking facilities)?
and their reply…
It sounds like you have a plan. A primary dwelling in this area of the County can be a manufactured home or site-built home; one dwelling per property. This is a rural area of the County and does not require plans review or official County building inspections. The perameters of the primary dwelling you mentioned below would suffice provided it meets your needs.In conjunction with a site-built home, you may utilize a travel trailer, motor home or similar as a temporary dwelling to reside in for up to 2 years during the construction of the home, provided it is hooked into an approved septic system.


The documents that will be required to apply for a zoning clearance permit can be found on the Yavapai County Government website at On the main page, click on “departments”; on the next page, click on “development services”; on the next page, click on “application/forms/instructions”; then you can chose from several permit documents from septic only to the complete permit package.


We posted a note on the bullitin board for our property owners association , asking for recommendations.
We basically got two recommendations:

  • Joe and Vicky @ “R-Diamond Septic” in Seligman (928)-422-3355 License # is R0C154315
  • Kevin Hanna (928-541-9513) an engineer who works mostly with Doug of Valley Equipment.

After some discussion on the board, and talking to both of the recommended parties, we decided to go with Kevin & Doug, who would install a modern chamber system on our property.

In Ground Chamber System


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