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LittleHouse – Pouring the Piers

  LittleHouse – Pouring the Piers by admin on Mar.17, 2005, under Foundation Laser Level 13 March 2005. Next, we set up the Craftsman rotary laser level that Randy got for Christmas. It is supposed to be accurate within a quarter inch at 100 feet. The level has a laser on a rotating head, a couple of bubble levels and a mount for a tripod. After setting it up on the tripod, we adjusted it to as near to level as we could get it. Then we used the fine adjustments on the level itself to finish setting it. The laser can rotate on its own, or you can manually rotate it. We found that manually rotating it worked best in the daylight, as the spot was much brighter than the line produced when the motor spins the head.   Laser Level Setting the Height 03/13/2005 We used a piece of duct tape on the rebars sticking up from the footings to better see the laser. We marked each rebar 3.5 inches below the final level of the piers. That way they will not interfere with the

LittleHouse – Redigging the Piers

  LittleHouse – Re-digging the Piers by admin on Mar.17, 2005, under Foundation Arrival 12 March 2005. This is how the site looked when we arrived and set up camp. The site survived the torrential rains that have continuously doused the area since last October. There were no signs of significant washout on our property. It appears that the washes did their job just fine, releasing it over a broad area. This area of Northern Arizona has received about 16 to 18 inches of rain since last fall. That's about 3 or 4 times the normal rainfall. Many of the roads had washed out or been mudded in. It is good to finally get back.   Build Site Filled Footings 03/12/2005 The footings that we poured last fall had been filled in with a couple of inches of dirt runoff from all of the rainfall. They needed to be dug back out, down to the cement footings before we could continue pouring the piers.   Piers Filled In Re-digging 03/12/2005 Randy dug out what he could, using