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Sierra Verde Public Reports

  Sierra Verde Public Reports by rdpecken on Jun.30, 2003, under Land Details Here are the public reports that we received for the ranch. Click on the picture for a larger version…   Public Report Page 1      Public Report Page 2     Public Report Page 3   Public Report Page 4   Public Report Page 5     Public Report Page 6     Public Report Page 7   Public Report Page 8   Public Report Page 9   Public Report Page 10   Public Report Page 11   Public Report Page 12   Public Report Page 13

Well Reports

  Well Reports by rdpecken on Jun.30, 2003, under Land Details Well Number 5 is about a half mile down the road from the Ranch.   Well Number 5 Here are a few pages of well reports from the area.  You can find what wells produced when they were drilled, and at what water levels.  As you can see, the depths are all over the place, ranging from a couple hundred feet to over 1000 feet!   Well Report Page 1     Well Report Page 2     Well Report Page 3

The Search for a New Beginning

  The Search for a New Beginning by admin on Jun.29, 2003, under Land Search The process began on Memorial Day Weekend, 2003, when we decided that we would like to find some rural land to use for summer vacationing and eventual retirement…   First United Realty   With our interests peaked, we contacted the First United Realty agent in Seligman, to set an appointment for looking at parcels. We set a date for Memorial Day Weekend, giving us a week or so to do some research. We did a little research at Weather Underground  , and discovered that the Seligman area has some of the most moderate climate in the state.  Average Highs are in the low 90’s, with Average Lows in the 50’s for the hottest summer months. We compared these with many other areas of the state, using WeatherBase , and the Seligman area consistently topped the list for reasonable year-round temperatures. The first parcel we saw was the one which we would eventually buy. We wern’t that impressed at