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Fresh Water Plumbing for the LittleHouse (Con’t)

  Fresh Water Plumbing for the LittleHouse (Con’t) by rdpecken on Mar.18, 2010, under Plumbing So on Monday, after Sarah & Clan left for the Grand Canyon, we started on the north wall of the kitchen. First we worked on the water heater connections and the shower connections on the bathroom side at the same location. Again, a few 3/4″ x 1/2″ tees were put in use. The crimping tool from Lowes seems to make a pretty good feeling joint with the stainless steel clamps. We’ll see after we pressurize it… Shower and Water Heater connections In the next wall space, we attached the tee for the fresh water inlet, and another for the toilet cold water source. Fresh water inlet and toilet source We ended up moving the toilet water source over by a few inches, as it seemed too close to the toilet tank after the initial install. Moving it was fairly easy, with the PEX, as we just pulled it out of one hole of the bracket and pushed it into another. No need to change the conne

Fresh Water Plumbing for LittleHouse

  Fresh Water Plumbing for LittleHouse by rdpecken on Mar.18, 2010, under Plumbing Spring is finally here, just barely… We arrived on March 13th just as a cold front was blowing through.  There was still a bit of snow on Black Mountain left over from the last storm a week ago. A little snow on Black Mountain Sarah and her family came up to visit overnight on Sunday.  The night before they arrived, we had a low of 20 degrees F.  Fortunately, the front had passed through by Sunday evening, and the low that night was only 34 degrees.  Much more comfortable for sleeping. We got started on Saturday by climbing up to the inside peak of the roof, and using the vent screening material to force a tight fit between the roofing underlay and the sheathing at the top near the vent.  That seems to have stopped all of the flapping noises we have put up with over the last couple years whenever the wind would blow. Next, we started running the fresh water lines in the Littleh