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LittleHouse Footings

  LittleHouse Footings by admin on Nov.11, 2004, under Foundation Footings Done 05 November 2004. We finished up the twelve footings for the porch this weekend. After cleaning up the holes that had washed in from the recent rains (5 inches in a couple of weeks), Randy chopped, cut and drilled out the roots that had been in the way on three of the holes. We then dug the holes a little deeper, as the rock would allow, and widened the bottom 6 inches out to a 16 inch diameter with a trenching shovel.   Footings Done Finished Footings 11/06/2004 Here is a picture of a completed footing. It is basically a 16 inch diameter by 6 inch deep concrete pad located about 18 inches below the ground level. The piers will be poured on top of these footings, centered on the vertical rebars. Each pier will be 8 inches in diameter, and at least 12 inches off the ground. As the ground slopes, the piers will reach higher out of the ground.   Footing Complete Next trip, we hope

November 2004 at the Ranch

  November 2004 at the Ranch by admin on Nov.06, 2004, under Seasons November Fall in Arizona With low temperatures in the 30s and 40s, November is still a very comfortable time to visit the Ranch. The highs still reach up into the 60s most of the time, with 70 degrees not uncommon… Seasons Change November 6th, 2004. Morning But seasons do change in the high country. This morning it started raining at about 4:30. As soon as it got light out, we packed up our stuff and ran back to Mesa, before Markham Pass got too muddy to travel in our little Nissan pickup. Here, looking East at Black Mountain on the way out, you can see how low the clouds were hanging. This has been a great Fall season for rain this year. We have received over 5 inches in the last three weeks.   Black Mountain in fog Wet and Chilly… November 6th, 2004. Morning. Here is another look at Black Mountain, from the South, this time.   Black Mountain - Winter Storm moving in