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LittleHouse Roofing Con’t

  LittleHouse Roofing Con’t by admin on Aug.20, 2007, under Roofing Bad Gables 19 Aug, 2007. Because we were working in the dark, our gable ends did not turn out all that well. We ended up having to splice this one on top, because it was not pulled high enough when we put it on. I’ll probably order some more gable trim and redo these in the future, as it looks kind of shoddy up close. You don’t notice it so much without the zoom lens, but I will always know it is there…   East Gable Bad Gables 19 Aug 2007. Our inexperience bit us on this one, too. We just couldn’t get the gable trim pieces to fit under the ridge cap, and overlap each other as the illustration in the instructions showed. Again, I’ll need to fix this at some point, or it will drive me crazy.   West Gable North Roof 19 Aug 2007. All in all, I have to say that this looks like a great roof! It went on much easier than asphalt shingles, and should be cooler in the summer. The panels were very easy

August 2007 at the Ranch

  August 2007 at the Ranch by admin on Aug.20, 2007, under Seasons Shop Site August 18th, 2007. Afternoon. 2007 has been a pretty good monsoon year up here. This is probably where we will put a shop at some point. It’s about 150 feet west of the big house site.   Shop Site Purple Flowers August 18th, 2007. Afternoon These were nice to come across. Every year, we see something new. This year was the first time for these flowers, and the first time we saw dragonflys up here.   Four-O-Clocks Looking East August 18th, 2007. Afternoon. The meadow has greened up nicely.   Looking East Looking West August 18th, 2007. Afternoon. We even have some grass, rather than just weeds!   Looking West

LittleHouse Roofing Installation

  LittleHouse Roofing Installation by admin on Aug.19, 2007, under Roofing Collar Ties 17 Aug, 2007. After cutting the underlayment away from the ridge vent, to allow air flow once the ridge cap is installed, it started raining, and continued most of the day while we were working on the roofing project. We decided to come in and install the collar ties. There are two sets of them, as you can see. They are made of 2 2×6’s cradling the existing rafters. There are only two sets, as the lofts serve the same purposes on the ends (namely, to tie the two load-bearing walls together to keep the roofing from spreading. We plan on filling the gap with a 2×2, and using the remaining slot in the top to run electric to our lights and fan that will be hanging from these.   Collar Ties 17 Aug 2007. As you can see, the collar ties are attached to the rafters with two bolts on each side. We had planned on putting these down at the top of the wall, which would span 14′. However