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Trim and Paint for the LittleHouse

  Trim and Paint for the LittleHouse by admin on Mar.24, 2009, under Trim & Paint The weather had been kind of rainy in the later part of the week we were to depart Mesa, so we put off our trip until Sunday, March 15th.  By the time we arrived at the ranch, the roads were dry, if not smooth. As we started to set up camp, we tried to hook up the water to the washhouse.  Unfortunately, the level of the main water tank had been drawn down on my last trip to the point where it was lower than the pump in the washhouse.  We tried for several minutes, but could not get the pump to suck up the water into the waterlines of the shed.  So for this trip, we ended up filling the barrel outside the shed, and manually extracting buckets of water as needed.  I need to call Al the Water Man! Anyway, after setting up camp, our first real work came on Monday morning, when we started cutting the trim pieces to fit the West Gable End, and cover up the ugliness.  It looks bette

Spring! It’s time to get busy again…

  Spring! It’s time to get busy again… by admin on Mar.24, 2009, under Trim & Paint Finally, we were able to return to the Ranch after many months of winter abolishment.  The goal for this trip was to finish the installation of the trim, and to paint the LittleHouse.  As a backup plan, in case it was too cold to paint, we had picked up a good supply of electrical wire and outlet boxes to run on the inside. When I left the place in November, we had not quite finished the exterior trim.  We had finished three sides, with only the south side remaining. The north side, back of the house was left in this state…   Back of LittleHouse as left in November We had covered the messy edges at the top of the East Gable, and trimmed out the window in the loft…   East Gable, as left in November On the front of the LittleHouse, we had finished trimming the Kitchen Window…   Kitchen Window as left in November And we ran out of trim after getting part of the Living Room Window