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Site Back Up

  Site Back Up by admin on Jul.12, 2009, under admin Well, it’s been an interesting couple of days. I got home from work on Wednesday, and then the next day I was checking my email.  There was a note from my web hosting service saying that my site had been locked for using too much bandwidth.  I thought this was a little odd, in that they advertise unlimited bandwidth and storage. So I call them up, and when I explain the note, the customer service guy looks at my account, and gets very quiet.  Then he says… “Oh, it looks like you’ve been the victim of a Denial of Service Attack, I’ll have to transfer you to the abuse department” He tries to transfer me, but I end up getting dropped into a quality of service survey (guess you know how they rated!).  So I call back and get the same guy, and he is successful at transferring me on the second attempt. The second person I talked to was even more rude than the first.  He said I had had more than 1000 hits per minu

Critters that Bite

  Critters that Bite by admin on Jul.01, 2009, under Seasons We saw this guy near the gate at the Markham Pass entry.  He’s about 3 feet long, and was just stretched across the road.  He wasn’t moving, and I didn’t want to run over him, so I inched up, then slammed on the brakes, spraying him with a little gravel from the tires.   Rattlesnake That made him a little defensive, and he coiled up.  That allowed us to drive on by, and I snapped this picture of him from the Jeep as we passed by…   Scared Snake

Markham Well

  Markham Well by admin on Jul.01, 2009, under Area, Seasons As you are entering the Ranch via Markham Pass, you see Markham Well off to the side of the road on the south side of I40…   Markham Well A closer look shows that this well has been powered by many different ways over the years…   Old motors The tank there is really nice.  It’s made out of local stone and cement, and is full of various fish.. Goldfish, perch, etc…   Tank at Markham Well

A Rainy June Afternoon

  A Rainy June Afternoon by admin on Jul.01, 2009, under Seasons My good friend, John, came down from Omaha to visit for Ham Radio Field Day.  We arrived on Friday afternoon, June 26th.  As we were starting to set up the antenna masts, a thunderstorm blew in and delayed our progress for an hour or so…   Black Mountain shrouded in fog The rain was coming down pretty good for awhile.  We first took shelter under the shade tarp, and later ran to the LittleHouse for cover!   Rain coming down Later that afternoon, we finished the antenna work and had a little time to explore…   Prickley Pear Blossom   We had one of our normal great sunsets that evening…   Sunset The next morning, we walked up on Gunner’s Mate Road, as I was showing John the property lines…   Roof of LittleHouse from Gunners Mate Road