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August 2008 at the Ranch

  August 2008 at the Ranch by admin on Aug.12, 2008, under Seasons Summer Rain August 9th, 2008. Afternoon. 2008 has been another good monsoon season. We are several inches ahead on our rainfall for the summer. Here, we are arriving at Markham Pass Gate right at the end of a pretty good shower. You can see Markham Wash running pretty good.   Markham Wash Flowing The road improvements of last winter improved the road quite a bit, as the ruts were only a couple of inches deep. We did get stuck pretty bad once we got to our own driveway, but we didn't get any pictures of the attempts to free ourselves. Anyway, it's nice and green at the ranch again (for a while).

LittleHouse – Exterior Trim

  LittleHouse – Exterior Trim by admin on Aug.12, 2008, under Trim & Paint Muddy Day 08 August 2008. Just to explain the lack of progress on this trip, we arrived in the middle of a summer thunderstorm that had dumped quite a bit of rain on the ranch. We made it through Markham Mudpit OK, and all the way to our driveway. That’s when things went horribly wrong.   Markham Wash Flowing After going up the driveway a couple hundred yards, (carefully staying out of the ruts that were running with water), we had to veer across the drive to avoid trees in our path. The attempt to veer was futile, as the wheels of the trailer fell into the ruts, and the tongue of the trailer dug into the ground. This pulled the jeep right into the same ruts, and we became stuck, high centered on the suspension front and back. We worked for 3 hours trying various ways to dig ourselves out, then we finally gave up and walked up to Bruce and Lidia’s place to beg for help. Bruce came o