LittleHouse – Sheathing & Interior Framing


LittleHouse – Sheathing & Interior Framing

by admin on Apr.30, 2007, under Framing

25 April, 2007.
We arrived on Saturday for a week of work on the little house.

Our goal was to get the sheathing done. We had 3 days of cold weather, windy and sleeting. The the sky cleared on Tuesday. This is where we were by Wednesday.

Sheathed LittleHouse

North Wall
26 April 2007.
We cut out the back door only. This allowed us access to work inside, but will allow us to close it up easily when we leave.

Back Side Sheathing

Finished Sheathing
26 April 2007.
We finished sheathing on Friday. Now it just looks like a big box, as all the windows and doors are covered.

Big Box Littlehouse

North Wall
26 April, 2007.
Another view of the north wall.

We hope to have a deck in the back at some point. With the porch on the front and a deck behind, that gives us a good choice of microclimates.

Finished Sheathing

25 April, 2007.
It was a two person effort to sheath the house. Because the walls were so high, in addition to being several feet off the ground to begin with, it would have been difficult to do this job alone.

We attached a rope onto a C-clamp and through it over the top of the wall. We then clamped a sheet of OSB to the clamp. Tara pulled from inside (over the wall), while I pushed the sheet up the ladder.

A set of nails driven partially into the studs gave us a place to set the bottom edge, while I hammered the OSB to the studs all around and over the field.

Clamp for hauling sheathing up the side

Modern Appliances
26 April 2007.
We finally broke down and bought a generator. This allowed us to cut all the sheathing and other boards on-site.

I was leary about pre-cutting sheathing and siding, and the little battery powered circular saw we had used on the shed was not up to the task of so many sheets.

This Honda is probably the quietest generator you will find in it’s class. It outputs 2000 watts, more than enough for any power tools we have.


Fixed Headers
26 April 2007.
Once we were finished sheathing, we went back to work inside.

We cut and installed extra header boards on the inside of all the windows and doors. It probably wasn’t necessary, but it gives a good, solid place to nail things to.

Fixed Ledger

End Wall
28 April, 2007.
Finally for this trip, we built this wall that seperates the bedroom/bathroom from the living area.

The door on the right will be for the bedroom, and the door on the left will be for the bathroom.

Interior Wall


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