More Washhouse Building Aug 2004


More Washhouse Building Aug 2004

by admin on Aug.30, 2004, under WashHouse

Shade Damage

On our next trip, in mid-August, we had a monster dust-devil come through camp about 10 minutes after setting up our shade canopy. It ripped out all the tent stakes and pins that were holding the structure down. Guess we need some bigger ones! The tarp was ripped a bit at a spot which doesn’t really matter, and some of the joints got bent.

We straightened things up, and it looks like the shade structure will still work ok.

Ramada Blew Over

Door Fixed

On our last trip, we installed the door, but were not happy with it, as we had forgotten the level necessary to do a good job. So on this trip (Mid August), I took the door and frame completely off and started over. The door now opens and closes as it should, with no binding or gaps.

In addition, I used spray latex foam to seal around the door frame, and added a door sill and doorknob with lock. Finally, I added a weather strip around the door to seal it against the weather.

Door Fixed

Also on this trip, I removed the short blocks under the floor that was being used to support the edge of the plywood subfloor at a joint. They were replaced with a single joist running from one beam to the other in a complete span. I didn’t get any pictures, but the floor is much more solid at that joint now.


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