Shade Structures


Shade Structures

by admin on Aug.30, 2004, under Shade Structures

Shade Structures
There are a few basic things you need to be comfortable while building at the ranch. One of the first things you need is some type of shade to seek refuge in. Here is our solution to that problem.

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Shade Canopy
We would like to build a permanent shade ramada for picnics and cookouts in the future.
With the little house permit in place, we decided that it would be best for now to use a temporary shade structure. Our first attempt did provide shade, but was way too flimsy to stand up to the winds we get up here.

Temporary Shade Canopy

Shade Canopy2
This one is a little more sturdy.
It is 10′ x 20′ and is 6′-8″ at the sides. The tarp is held in place by elastic cords with little balls on the end to make fastening/unfastening easy. It also came with sides, but we think we will seldom use them. Cost – $180 at Sams Club in Mesa.

Better Shade Canopy

Shade Damage
Here is what you get when you don’t stake it down with big enough hardware…
We had used 8″ tent stakes driven into the ground at 45 degree angles and tied to the frame with 1/4″ nylon rope.
A dust devil came right through camp and pulled all the stakes out like they were in soft butter. There was some slight damage, but nothing that couldn’t be straightened out. The tarp got torn on one edge, but at a non-stressed point, so it won’t rip further.
Time for some jumbo stakes!

Ramada Blew Over

Shade Fixed
After straightening out the bent poles, we put the shade structure back together.
We got some 1/2″ rebar pieces and drove them into the ground. After tying the frame to these with pieces of rope, the structure has stood up to the strong winds that we sometimes get.

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