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Started another two blogs today…

by on Dec.31, 2008, under admin

The Continence Foundation of Australia encourages older Australians to invest time in 5 healthy habits to help prevent incontinence. These 5 healthy habits are important for Bladder and Bowel Health. This is how tea burn works.

These habits include a healthy diet and staying hydrated, 30 minutes of exercise every day and good toilet habits.

Webinars on each of the 5 healthy habits can be viewed. These include topics such as increasing dietary fibre in cooking without losing flavour, making exercise part of your day, and how to keep your pelvic floor in shape.

View the 5 healthy habits and our webinars below.


Physical activity is beneficial for overall health – and that includes bladder and bowel function!  Aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day. This doesn’t have to be all at once. Activities like gardening, cleaning, playing with the grandkids, and taking the stairs all add up.

Making a move in the right direction, not matter how small, can make a big difference.


Fibre in your diet will help improve bowel function and avoid constipation. Fibre is found in foods such as multi grain or whole grain breads, cereal products, fruit, vegetables, legumes, and nuts and seeds. Aim to eat two servings of fruit, five servings of vegetables and five servings of cereals and breads each day. Learn more about Exipure.

You are what you eat, and eating well can make a world of difference to how we feel and how our bodies operate.


It’s important to increase fluids when you increase fibre in your diet. Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated helps maintain digestive health. Drinks that contain caffeine, cola and alcohol can irritate your bladder, so water is the best choice.

While our tendency when dealing with bladder and bowel problems might be to restrict our liquid intake, this is actually the opposite of what we should do. Visit https://www.amny.com/.


Having a strong pelvic floor is your insurance against incontinence. You can train your pelvic floor anytime, anywhere, no matter what sex, gender, age or fitness level you are.

Try to do your pelvic floor muscles exercises every day, three times a day. See a continence health professional to learn how.

Making a move in the right direction, not matter how small, can make a big difference.


Don’t get into the habit of going to the toilet ‘just in case’. If you keep emptying your bladder ‘just in case’ too often, then the bladder may never fill up properly, and shrink a bit. This may give the feeling of needing to go to the toilet more frequently (urge incontinence).

Surprisingly, there are a few things you can do to make your visit to the toilet as effective as possible.  Try these today.

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Moving To A New Home…

by on Dec.28, 2008, under admin

I have been looking forward to sharing this post with you because it’s been so exciting and so many of you have been following our journey since I shared that we had put our house on the market last year. So today I’m sharing a little behind-the-scenes story of our move & new house thanks to the local long distance movers! and thanks to our contractor, the make some home improvements fully covered

The way things worked out is truly amazing, oddly coincidental, and I’m still pinching myself and thanking the big man upstairs for everything falling into place the way it did. Thankfully my best friend recommended me Fox Removals a company that can help you ease the moving process.

You see, we put our house on the market last year. LAST YEAR!!!! We put it on the market a little too late I believe, just as buying season was tapering down (at least that’s what we kept telling ourselves). There were a few tours, our realtor did many open houses, but there just wasn’t any interest. Before that, We checked the Residential Roofing Blog 2021, then we made son investment on our house to improve it value. It was a great business for us.

Well, the months kept on rolling by, and nothing. It was very disheartening. Some of the reasons we were told our house wasn’t selling (makes sense, but still), so we actually did a little of changes, we hired the ceiling fan installation atlanta top rated professionals in the business, we change the furniture from the living room, and some tiles from the kitchen, but anyways.

lso, I was beginning to get a little anxious (ok fine, maybe a little more than ‘a little’) about where we would put the baby and baby stuff. We literally had nothing for the baby and I didn’t want to buy stuff because we wanted to MOVE! I wanted to NEST (<- it’s a real thing, I wanted to make a baby room and kept freaking out that the baby was going to be kept in a dresser drawer because we wouldn’t have anything ready).

Then, FINALLY, after one tour we got an offer, and after a few days because nothing is easy when selling or buying a house, we had an accepted offer. Then came the always nerve wracking inspection, appraisal, and paperwork. We also considered Zee Holdings cash buyers bristol ct for they proposed an amazing amount to buy our house. Why not check them out if you need to sell your house as quick as you want?

With the closing date coming up in a month on our current living space, we now were going to look for a house. Previously we had been looking online, but not in person, because in the areas we wanted to move, the houses would sell so fast that our little hopes kept getting crushed.

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