Plants of the Ranch

 I went up to the Ranch at the beginning of October to install out new internet link. While there, I tried out the Seek App on my Android phone.  It is used to identify plants and animals when you snap a picture of them.

It was pretty good at getting me in the right ballpark at identifying the various plants and animals on my hike, but I had to resort to internet searches to narrow most of them down further.

The first plant I tried to ID was this golden weed.  It ended up looking like Broom Snakeweed.

Along the road was an easy to identify Rough Cocklebur.

A Golden Crownbeard was also found along the road at the bottom of our lane.

I had always referred to this next plant as "stick-bushes".  The Seek App says they are Pale Desert Thorn.  They are pretty thick at the lower end of our meadow.  During winter and dry times, these are just bare sticks...

Seek says these plants growing in our lane are Pale Evening Primrose.

One of the common trees on our ranch is the Pinyon Pine.

One plant not seen too much up here is the Powell's Amaranth.

Probably the most common cactus here is the Prickly Pear.

Less common, but showing up this year with all the rain is the Prickly Russian Thistle.

The Rocky Mountain Zinnia also showed up with the monsoon rains this year.

We have quite a bit of Shrub Live Oak growing under the larger trees here.

Finally, the Utah Junipers get pretty large here.


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