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Maintenance for the Washhouse

by on Sep.28, 2010, under WashHouse

The Wash House has been up for about 6 years now, and has never been painted.  We have just been relying on the primered siding to keep out the weather.
The siding has done really well, but the door takes a real beating on the western side.  It has started peeling, so we decided to go ahead and put a coat of primer and paint on it.

Here it is after removing it from the hinges and laying it down on the deck to work on it:

Bathroom Door with peeling paint

Bathroom Door with peeling paint

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Plumbing Repairs (Again!)

by on Apr.21, 2009, under WashHouse, Water System

Last fall, we had made a trip up to the ranch, expecting to get one more in before any hard freezes.  So we neglected to drain the pipes in the shed before we left.  When I returned in November, I discovered that the shower would no longer turn all the way off.  Since I didn’t have the replacement valve, I just drained the system, added RV antifreeze to the John, and waited until spring to arrive.

When we made the trip in March, I intended to pull the valve and get specifics to buy a new valve.  But then we discovered that we had let the water tank get too low to feed the shed anymore, so we put off the repairs for the next trip.

Finally, after Al the Waterman filled our tank in April, we were ready to do repairs this trip.  Here is how we replaced the shower valve.

Step 1 - Remove the handle

Step 1 - Remove the handle

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Washhouse Posts Added

by on Jan.12, 2009, under WashHouse

I have added the Washhouse Construction Details Posts.

They cover everything from Pre-fabbing it in Mesa, to Electrical Installation.

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Fixing the Plumbing

by on Apr.19, 2008, under WashHouse

Broken Again
19 April 2008.
Well, after a long, cold winter, we finally made it back up in late April. The first thing we discovered while turning up the water was a broken inlet pipe to the shed. Good thing it’s easy to find sites like www.contractorstoday.com/commercial-contractors-near-me/ that will help you in a professional matter and promptly. Once upon a time it was a real gamble. especially with timing.

We had to remove the drywall, cut off the pipe, install new fittings and re-solder it. Looks like it will hold this time.
I’m no plumber so I should definitely think about contacting a professional pluming service so you can get the sewer line repair done right.

Broken Inlet Pipe in Shed

Broken Inlet Pipe in Shed

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Washhouse Electrical & A Little Paint

by on May.28, 2006, under WashHouse

Power Distribution

May 27, 2006.

Power for the water pump comes from an on-board 12 volt marine battery. I know, a real deep-cycle would be better, but we had this available, and it works for now.

We had been hauling the battery back and forth to Mesa for each trip. I was visiting Harbor Freight in Mesa one day, and came across a 5-watt solar panel for $39.99

For that price, I said why not try it? I know it can only replace perhaps 2.5 amp-hours per day, but we are normally only here once a month, and usually only for a couple of days. So we have maybe 20 days of charging between visits. So that’s about 50 amp-hours of replacement charging between visits.

So we installed the solar panel on the roof and a new led light panel. All of the books I read say that charging a 100 amp-hour battery at 300millamps will not overcharge it, no matter how long you leave it on. It supposedly has to do with internal losses in the battery compared to the very low charging rate. So we’ll see how it does this summer, with no charge controller in place.

Included in the control panel is a 300 watt pure sine wave inverter from Circuit Specialists in Mesa. It was somewhere around $119.

Power Panel

Power Panel

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