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Trim & Paint

Paint Colors

by on Oct.20, 2014, under Trim & Paint

We did a little painting this past year, using the same colors that we had used on the house to paint the shed.  On this last trip, I ran across the paint cards that identify the colors. I thought I might post them here, so that we can look up what the colors were even if we end up losing the cards. If you don’t have any experience with painting, then I would recommend hiring a professional painter to get the job done.

The Brown color is Behr 230F-6 (Earth Tone).

Brown Paint Color

Brown Paint Color

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Winterizing 2013

by on Oct.30, 2013, under porch, Security, Trim & Paint

Wow, time went fast this year.  We didn’t get up to the Ranch nearly as often as I would have liked.

With October coming to an end, it is past time to go up and winterize.  I got a late start on Saturday, and started work in earnest on Sunday.

To start off, I wanted to take take some readings on the batteries for the solar install.  Since the hydrometer that I bought on the last trip was broken when I opened it, I stopped by a Checker Auto and picked up another.  I let the batteries charge until they reached the float stage, then let them sit there in float for 1 hour.  Then I let the batteries rest for 1 hour with no charging and no load.  The hydrometer showed all cells (3 in each battery) fully charged.  So I have a good baseline reading.  IN the future, as I make the reads again, I will have something to compare against.

The hydrometer was kind of hard to read, but the line in the picture below was at 1.275 specific gravity, which represents 100% charged.  Specific gravity is reportedly the only way to be sure of the charge level of a battery.  Voltages can be deceiving.

Specific Gravity showing 1.275 = 100% charged, cell in good condition.

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Painting the LittleHouse

by on Apr.21, 2009, under Trim & Paint

So finally we got back up to the Ranch on mid April, 2009 to finish the painting of the LittleHouse.

Here is how it went…

LittleHouse Paint Job

LittleHouse Paint Job

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Gas Lines for the LittleHouse

by on Mar.24, 2009, under Trim & Paint

We came up in late October to run some propane lines into the LittleHouse.  These are to feed a wall-mounted, direct-vent propane heater,  gas water heater, oven/stove, and possibly refrigerator, to keep our gas full we will be constantly getting tanks for a propane gas delivery service provided by ucahelps Alberta. For those who are worried that their new ranch homes have a gas leak, consider getting radon mitigation fishers to always be sure you are safe. And for those looking for a total Water Heater System Repair, get it at an affordable price.

The house heater will be mounted on the North wall, near the northwest corner of the house, after we get a heater repair done.  We hope to have solar radiant heating run under the floor throughout the house, but the propane will be our backup heating system. If you ever need repairs done to your heating system, then you should contact this burner service for a proper heating repair.

The other appliances are all located in the kitchen area, along the north wall of the kitchen. Thanks to deep kitchen cleaning service in London we had everything organized at the end of the day.

We started out by installing a manifold in the Northeast corner or the house.  There are two 6″ black pipe nipples installed on the back, along with two plugs on the unused ports on the back, and one plug on the unused port on the side.  We also installed a gas valve at the inlet to the manifold. This is where the propane tank will tie in.  From there, we have one line run to the direct-vent heater location, and a second line running to the kitchen, for now, this is the process we’ve made but may need to get a bigger heating installation later on.

Propane manifold

We are using Homeflex corrugated stainless steel pipe, from Lowes.  We picked up an installation manual at Lowes, and by filling out the form in the back of the manual, we are certified to install this ourselves.

We start a connection by cutting the tubing square, using a pipe cutter. We then stripped back the jacket for the specified distance, and inserted the nut to the connector.

You can always contact Basement Development Edmonton Alberta experts that are Do It All Contracting with over 23 years experience in the business. They can help you remodel your kitchen and make it from scratch just like you dream of.

Step one - cut and insert nut

Step one – cut and insert nut

Next, we installed the split washer 4 corrugations onto the pipe.

Split Washer installed

Split Washer installed

Following the split washer is the flat washer.

Flat washer installed

Flat washer installed

The the rubber o-ring is installed. I could always get a replacement from manufacturers of custom rubber parts.

Rubber O-Ring installed
The fiber washer goes inside the fitting.

Fiber Washer installed
We ran some black tape around the end of the pipe, where the steel was exposed.  This is not required, but we thought it looked better, and maybe protected the pipe some.  We also used gas-rated teflon tape on the threads of the black pipe fittings at the manifold.

Pipe to manifold connection
Both lines were terminated in the same manner.

Both pipes terminated
We bored holes in most of the floor joists along the north side of the house to run one pipe within the floorspace to the heater location.  The other line only required a couple of holes to be bored in floorjoists, as most of the run was between two joists running the other direction to the kitchen.  We brought both pipes up into the living areas within the wallspace, and terminated them with a combination of black pipe nipples, 45-deg and 90-deg angles, and finally a shut off valve at each location.  We didn’t get pictures of the end connections, but will put them in a future post, when we return to pressurize and test the installation.

Kitchen gas pipe run under floor

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Trim and Paint for the LittleHouse

by on Mar.24, 2009, under Trim & Paint

The weather had been kind of rainy in the later part of the week we were to depart Mesa, so we put off out trip until Sunday, March 15th.  By the time we arrived at the ranch, the roads were dry, if not smooth.

As we started to set up camp, we tried to hook up the water to the washhouse.  Unfortunately, the level of the main water tank had been drawn down on my last trip to the point where it was lower than the pump in the washhouse.  We tried for several minutes, but could not get the pump to suck up the water into the waterlines of the shed.  So for this trip, we ended up filling the barrel outside the shed, and manually extracting buckets of water as needed.  I need to call Al the Water Man!

Anyway, after setting up camp, our first real work came on Monday morning, when we started cutting the trim pieces to fit the West Gable End, and cover up the ugliness.  It looks better now…

West Gable Trim finished

West Gable Trim finished

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