Ceiling Insulation for the LittleHouse

by on Jun.02, 2020, under Insulation

Wow, it’s been a while since we’ve done any work at the ranch (other than normal maintenance, such as battery maintenance…)

Now that we have finished our kitchen remodeling at the house down in Mesa, we have the time and resources to begin work again at the ranch. We hired a few professionals from Expert Roofing Services from RoofScapes to help us with the industrial insulation for our roofing. The first major project to start back up is finishing the insulation inside of the LittleHouse with the help of insulation services. While some tools are used for life each day, other tools are used for specific projects that need to be done like this residential spray foam insulation. When looking for the best spray foam insulation, a good company like the First Defense Insulation services has the best!

Lawn care workers use leaf blowers, lawnmowers and other similar tools to ensure that a lawn looks great. A chainsaw is a tool that can cut branches and trees on a property after a storm. Another type of tool that can be used for a specific project is a pump. A water, air or gas pump can serve a number of functions for people in a home or business and depending on your needs, you may even need high caliber pumps, so consider taking a look at some other industrial pumps for sale. We believe that it is important to know the best of the moving companies in your neighborhood to ensure that your property is not stolen or damaged.

We started work on the ceiling insulation in April, and continued in May. If you are planning on going through the same process, consider using these Cleanable Ceiling Tiles for a great end result. 

Foam Insulation Board

Foam Insulation Board Installed

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Screen Door Repair and Other Maintenance

by on Jan.18, 2017, under Insulation, Plumbing, Ranch Maintenance

Sometime last year, the mice or birds chewed a hole through the screen on our screen door.  We brought up some new screen and spline from Metroplex Windows & Glass to make a repairs.

We started by removing the screen door from the frame.  This involved adjusting the rollers on the bottom of the door for as little pressure as possible, the prying the door up and over the bumps which the rollers run on.  We set the screen onto our floor to work on it. We started by locating the end of the spline, and pulling it out of the channel to release the screen material. Replacing a door can be very complicated so it is much more easier to hire a Storefront Door Installation service for professional help, but if you are going to be doing repairs yourself, then make sure to stop by the hardware store to get the right tools and materials, like Flat washers to have a successful repair. 

Removing the spline

Removing the spline

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LittleHouse – Building the Winter Cave

by on Nov.05, 2007, under Insulation

Winter Cave
03 November, 2007.
It’s getting close to winter, and we thought it would be good to have a warm place to sleep this year.

We decided to temporarily install insulation around the bedroom of the cabin, and sleep in there this winter, as explained at the website.  That will also be a good place to warm up in between work sessions outside.

We started by using some extra roof underlayment to close off the wall between the bedroom and the bathroom. This is from the bathroom side…

Air Barrier

Air Barrier

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