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TV Antenna Cable Install

by on Jul.08, 2020, under Communications

For the past few years, we have had an external beam TV antenna mounted on a post outside of the cabin.  Pointed at Kingman, roughly 60 miles away, we receive most of the TV channels available from there.  Prior to this, we had DirecTV installed, but gave that up as we recognized that we really didn’t watch many of the channels that were on there, we usually just watch some of the best movies on netflix.

Each trip to the Ranch would find us crawling on our backs, poking the antenna cable up through a small hole in the floor.  Then when we left for the Valley, we again had to crawl under the cabin to remove the cable.  If we left the cable laying on the ground, it would have been susceptible to cattle stepping on it, and rodents chewing on it.

So on the last trip up in June, we installed some underground PVC conduit from the antenna location to the LittleHouse. After running some RG-6 cable through the conduit, we terminated both ends with Type-F connectors inside an accessible box.  With a barrel connector on each end, we were able to have a complete circuit that could be left in place without the worry of the cable getting damaged.

Antenna Junction Box

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New Security Cameras

by on Jun.02, 2020, under Communications

Some time in the past year, our grey-market Hikvision security cameras stopped sending emails to us when they detected motion.  We traced this problem down to virtually all major email providers requiring a new method to send emails in order to improve security of their email system.

Front Porch

Front Porch

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Ceiling Insulation for the LittleHouse

by on Jun.02, 2020, under Insulation

Wow, it’s been a while since we’ve done any work at the ranch (other than normal maintenance, such as battery maintenance…)

Now that we have finished our kitchen remodeling at the house down in Mesa, we have the time and resources to begin work again at the ranch. We hired a few professionals from Expert Roofing Services from RoofScapes to help us with the industrial insulation for our roofing. The first major project to start back up is finishing the insulation inside of the LittleHouse with the help of insulation services. While some tools are used for life each day, other tools are used for specific projects that need to be done like this residential spray foam insulation. When looking for the best spray foam insulation, a good company like the First Defense Insulation services has the best!

Lawn care workers use leaf blowers, lawnmowers and other similar tools to ensure that a lawn looks great. A chainsaw is a tool that can cut branches and trees on a property after a storm. Another type of tool that can be used for a specific project is a pump. A water, air or gas pump can serve a number of functions for people in a home or business and depending on your needs, you may even need high caliber pumps, so consider taking a look at some other industrial pumps for sale. We believe that it is important to know the best of the moving companies in your neighborhood to ensure that your property is not stolen or damaged.

We started work on the ceiling insulation in April, and continued in May. If you are planning on going through the same process, consider using these Cleanable Ceiling Tiles for a great end result. 

Foam Insulation Board

Foam Insulation Board Installed

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Conex Box Delivery

by on Oct.28, 2018, under Conex Box

We worked with a great company for the purchase and delivery of our 40′ shipping container with the help of a cascadia evolution.  GTLogistics was very easy to work with, and provided a container that was in excellent condition for shipping hazardous materials. I found an ad on craigslist for the company, and filled out a form requesting a quote for a 40′ High-Cube (9.5′ tall) shipping container.  I received an email on the next work day for a quote of $3600.00 delivered to Seligman.

40′ High-Cube Shipping Container drop off

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Conex Box Preparations

by on Oct.28, 2018, under Conex Box

I have become fed up with the packrat damage to my tractor in the past year.  We’ve decided to add a 40′ shipping container to the property to park the tractor in, and provide a place to store construction materials and supplies like our industrial blower as we continue to build our ranch with the proper structural steel erection.

In preparation for the container, we applied for, and received a permit from Yavapai County.  In the past they had prohibited shipping containers larger than 20′ long, but they recently revised the rules to allow one 40′ container on a property once again.  The permit cost $90, and involved drawing a lot plan, showing existing structures, septic system and distances to lot lines and between buildings.  It was kind of a pain, but we got it done.

Conex Box Permit

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