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Water System

Water System Work

by on Apr.27, 2014, under Water System

For my trip in April, once the Solar Bay ventilation system was installed, I moved on to replacing the water pump for the Littlehouse with the help of a local well pump service.

New Pump Model

New Pump Model

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Water at the Ranch

by on Sep.16, 2013, under Water System

It has become increasingly difficult to get the water man out to deliver water to the LittleHouse.  Due to health issues, he is not able to serve as many customers as he had previously.

Our solution for this was to equip ourselves with the equipment to haul our own water. This is the same equipment that modern well drilling companies use. Primarily, this comes in the form of a 210 gallon water tank to fit in the back of our pickup.  We purchased this from Tank N Barrel, in Apache Junction, AZ.

With the help of a tank installation company, we fitted the tank with a shutoff valve and a filter.  It hooks up with a 3/4″ hose to a pump we purchased at Harbor Freight.

We get our water from a public well in Seligman done by the local water well drilling company.  It costs 75 cents to fill the 210 gallon tank nearly full, and takes less than 10 minutes at the coin operated well.  Once we got back to the Ranch, it takes about 20 minutes to transfer the water from the small tank to our 2200 gallon main tank. If you have your own well on your property and you are not getting enough water like before, then consider getting a well pump repair.

It’s not ideal, but at least it puts our fate in our own hands a little more.  We also have a couple of shared wells in the Ranch development that we can access, if necessary, but they are not as convenient as the Seligman well. We are also thinking about getting a hot water tank installations in silverdale wa.

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Pumping water to our big tank

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Plumbing Repairs (Again!)

by on Apr.21, 2009, under WashHouse, Water System

Last fall, we had made a trip up to the ranch, expecting to get one more in before any hard freezes.  So we neglected to drain the pipes in the shed before we left.  When I returned in November, I discovered that the shower would no longer turn all the way off.  Since I didn’t have the replacement valve, I just drained the system, added RV antifreeze to the John, and waited until spring to arrive.

When we made the trip in March, I intended to pull the valve and get specifics to buy a new valve.  But then we discovered that we had let the water tank get too low to feed the shed anymore, so we put off the repairs for the next trip.

Finally, after Al the Waterman filled our tank in April, we were ready to do repairs this trip.  Here is how we replaced the shower valve.

Step 1 - Remove the handle

Step 1 - Remove the handle

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Winterizing the Water Lines

by on Sep.25, 2006, under Water System

23 Sep 2006.
OK, we actually made it back on schedule!
I had wrapped the connection in duct tape to protect it from the sun, in case we didn’t make it back for a long time.
Here, we took a cheap indor/outdoor thermometer and connected the outdoor sensor directly to the pipe, so we can keep track of the temperature of the water at that point. It has the indoor and outdoor reads, and more importantly, has the minimum and maximum reads since the last time it was reset. So when we visit, we can check to see how cold the water got since last time we were up. That might give us a heads-up that we might need more insulation if the reads go too low. We are going to have to get a few water heaters to make sure we don’t freeze to death during the winter.
Pay no attention to the reads in the picture, I haven’t peeled off the plastic demo tape yet!

Thermometer for Monitoring Hi/Low Temps

Thermometer for Monitoring Hi/Low Temps

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Water Line Installation Again…

by on Sep.10, 2006, under Water System

Back at It…
09 Sep 2006.
Well, this sure took some time…I was sent on several business trips over July and August, as well as a personal trip to Colorado in July, so we didn’t make it back up until September!
We finished digging through the rocks (using a pick and shovel) for the last 15 feet to the wash house. After placing the rest of the pipe and gluing it up, we covered it back up with dirt.

Line to Shed

Line to Shed

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