Getting the LittleHouse Permit


Getting the LittleHouse Permit

by admin on Jun.07, 2004, under LittleHouse Permits

As of early June 2004, there are still two levels of permits for building.
The less restrictive type is the Zoning Clearance, and requires no plan review, no building inspections, and small fees. The more restrictive is a normal building permit, with higher fees and inspections to insure you are building to code.
The little house will be built on a Zoning Clearance, as it is still available for the rural areas of the county. Sometime this year (as early as July) all new permits will fall under the more restrictive building permits.

Lot Plan for the LittleHouse

House Site
We picked a location near the eastern edge of the property on the north side of the meadow for the house locations. The house sites are sheltered on the west, north, and east by trees. The hill on the north also protects from strong winter winds. There is a very nice view of the Black Mountain to the east, as well as our little South Mountain across the meadow.

LittleHouse Site

Permit Packets
Yavapai County provides various permit packets in pdf format for download. They have everything you need to apply for a permit.
Here is page 1 of the Building Permit without Septic packet. We can use this because our septic has already been installed and inspected.

Page 1 of Permit Package

Page 2
This page is to draw the lot plan to scale. A small overview is put in the upper right-hand corner, showing the area of detail, as well as the parcel dimensions and easements.

Page 2 of the permit package

Lot Plan
Here is a little cleaner picture of the plan that was submitted.

Lot Plan for the LittleHouse

Here is the drawing for the upper right corner…

Close up of Upper Right


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